Referee Request 2023-24 (Brampton Canadettes Girls Hockey Association)

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    Booking Officials for all scheduled games (exhibition, regular season, playdown, playoff, provincial). 

    You must ensure you book Referees for all games and provide as much notice as possible. - Minimum of 5 days in advance of the game.

    All information must be completed 5-6 days prior to your game, so there is sufficient time to schedule a Referee.
    Be sure to pay attention to the formatting of your game date and start times to ensure that you have referees at your game.

    Please note that there will be no guarantee of Referee's being booked or cancelled if you submit a request with less than 48hrs notice of game time.
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  1. book new or cancel previously scheduled officials
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  1. Time can be over-written for games starting on :15 and :45
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